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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker: Do you think you should really be driving? or How I learned to stop worrying and love driving with my top off. Part 2

Writer gets back in the jeep and Stalker takes off but stops again because that Motorcycle Cop is down the next alley. Well, his motorcycle is. And Stalker yells at Writer for not seeing him. How could have Writer seen him!? The cop was down the street and then all the way down an alley way to the left. Stalker then takes off backwards as the cop comes into the frame and gets back on his motorcycle. Buy the way, this cop seems to be oblivious as to what's going on around him. As he drives up to us, we cut to Stalker looking around the corner. We assume he's watching the cop because we still hear the sound of the motorcycle. By the way, the jeep is facing the right way again. This isn't even the street that Stalker just backed out of when he saw the cop. So, in that few seconds, Stalker is on a different street in a different direction. I don't know where Stalker got his license, but he is one bad driver. So after seeing Stalker looking around the corner for what we think is the cop, he gets back in the jeep and takes off. Watch him. He just misses slamming into a telephone pole as he drives all the way down the street and disappears into the mist. After a few seconds, the camera slowly pans to the right and we watch a worker opening a gate because here comes that train again! As the train passes by, Stalker pulls out of a building at the left, almost careens into the side of another building and gets through the gate before the worker can close it again. Stalker has a hard time driving on railroad tracks. The worker then watches Stalker drive away, closes the gate and then starts running off. It is important to note we can hear the sound of the motorcycle cop while still watching the guy running off. And tripping by the way! I haven’t mentioned every instance of the sound from one scene running into the next one because it's fun to find them yourself! Now we cut to a scene of the cop, just driving his motorcycle around without a care in the world.

We can hear the sound of his bike at the beginning of the next scene which starts off with Stalker driving backwards into the entrance of a building and crashing into a door. I love this movie. Ok, here comes another great scene. Stalker gets out of the jeep and walks over to the other side of the room. I like how each of his footsteps sound as he walks over brittle metal and glass. We also hear a strange sound and then a train whistle in the background and then nothing. As Stalker walks out of view, an eerie music sound starts and the camera now pans to the right showing a concrete outer wall, a window with the panes broken out, a post and then Stalker standing still and listening to the sound of footsteps of someone walking and then running. Stalker seems a little unnerved. Now we cut to the railroad worker again running off after tripping. Just as we left him a few minutes ago! So, has any time passed? The worker runs off until he disappears into the fog. Is this movie awesome or what. Also, during this entire jeep ride sequence, it's always fun to watch the look on Professor's face. He looks very scared. I'm assuming from Stalker's driving.

Tomorrow's Post: Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker:  Do you think you should really be driving? or How I learned to stop worrying and love driving with my top off. Part 3

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