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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Writer and...I'm sorry. What was your name again?

I like how foggy it is as Stalker walks across the tracks. Tarkovsky is just not going to let us see anything, is he? We can hear Writer talking to a woman before we actually see him. I like Writer, he's my favorite character. He has a lot of soul searching to do in this film, and he also is the most vocal. All three main characters have lost hope in this world, although in three very different ways. Writer bares his soul in this movie, and in a great scene later he is reduced to tears because of the frustration in his life. Anatoly Solonitsyn, the actor who plays Writer, gives an incredible performance in this film. Oh, and Stalker trips as he approaches Writer. There is a lot of tripping in Tarkovsky's films. Usually this signals that something important may happen to a character. Sometimes, it means nothing but it's interesting. Watch for trips.

Writer must not be doing too bad for himself. That is a nice car and a nice lady in a mink coat. But hey, what is in that white bag he has? He carries it throughout the entire film, and it's not for putting his liquor bottle in either. That goes in his coat. And he doesn't have cigarettes in there either. He's almost out. Writer is talking to this woman about how boring this world is. Everything is by the numbers and governed by scientific rules. There can't be a God or a Bermuda Triangle or even a Zone, but he is still going there! He thinks the world is hopeless and maybe he needs to find some inspiration. When Stalker does walk up, we hear his footsteps as Writer is talking. He doesn't look very happy to see Writer drinking or that he has a woman with him. It's a little confusing because Writer says to the woman, "Goodbye my dear friend", but then tells Stalker that she is going to the Zone with them. He then tries to tell Stalker her name but can't remember it! Stalker looks like he wants to go back home. He more or less tells her to take off, which she does, after calling Stalker a cretin, squealing the car tires, and driving away with Writer's hat still on the hood. Writer reacts with a great gesture that indicates losing his hat. Stalker then says he's disappointed that Writer is drinking already, Writer makes a few excuses, and then it's off to the bar!

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