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Friday, August 12, 2011

Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker: "Let's get metaphysical....metaphysical." Part 2

During this voiceover, we cut to Stalker exiting the far side of the building whose entranceway we saw him in at the beginning of the scene. By the way, it is hard to tell what position Stalker and the other two guys are in relative to each other. I love this next part. As stalker exits the building, facing us, he is being extremely careful and cautious. We can’t see why though at this point. We can’t even see his feet or the narrow ledge he is moving sideways across. Look at Stalkers face. He’s hugging his back to the wall and constantly looking down. He must be pretty high up. As the voiceover ends, listen how the sound returns revealing Stalkers breathing, his footsteps and the sound of water dripping and splashing. Stalker now enters a circular opening that seems empty until Professor and Writer enter from the right. Why didn't Stalker go that way also? Why did he take the long, hard way around? At this point Professor trips big time! See? Now there seems to be some confusion. Stalker wants to continue on but Professor thought he called them over just to show them something and as a result he didn't bring his knapsack and wants to go back and get it. Oh, come on Professor! Even I know Stalker is not going to let him go back for it. It is impossible! Professor is becoming a little unraveled: “I can’t do without my knapsack!” Writer wants to know if Professor’s knapsack has diamonds in it and then suggests The Room will give him anything he wants so why worry about it. Professor then wants to know how much further it is to The Room to which Stalker replies: “If you go straight, about 200 meters, but there’s no going straight here.”

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