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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker: "One of our Professors is missing!" Part 2

At this point Writer and Stalker walk out of the entrance that Professor and Writer were lying down in front of a little while ago. It's also the same spot that Stalker and Writer just walked by and Professor wasn't there when they did! The following conversation ensues:
Writer: Look! What is it? How could it be?
Stalker: I already explained.
Writer: What did you explain?
Stalker: It's the Zone, don't you understand? Let's go quick. It's...
Writer: There he is!
Professor: I'm certainly grateful to you that you...but...
Stalker: How did you get here?
Professor: Mostly I had to crawl up here on all fours.
Stalker: Incredible. How did you manage to overtake us?
Professor: What do you mean, "overtake"? I came back here for the knapsack.
Writer now notices the nut hanging: And how has our nut gotten here?
Stalker: Oh my God, that's...the trap! Porcupine put this nut here on purpose. How could the Zone let us through? Oh God, I'm not going to take one more step until...I don't like it. That's it! We rest! But keep off this nut, just in case. Sorry, but I thought that Professor won't be able to make it. (coughing) You see, I...I never know beforehand what kind of people I'm taking with me. Everything gets clear only here, when it's too late.
And now a classic exchange between Writer and Professor.
Writer: What's important is that Professor's bag with his underwear is safe.
Professor: Don't stick your nose in someone's underwear if you don't understand it.
See? Was I wrong? Classic.
Writer: What is there to understand? Binomial theorem?
Some psychological abysses! You have a bad reputation at your institute. They don't give you money for an expedition. So you decide to pack a knapsack full of manometers and other shit...penetrate the Zone illegally...and put all these miracles to an algebra test. No one in the world has ever heard of the Zone. So we'll work a sure sensation! The television, fans raving and bringing laurel wreaths. Here our Professor appears, all in white, and declares: "Mene-Mene, tekel, uprasin." Everyone gaping and shouting: "He deserves a Nobel Prize!"
During this scene we first see the black dog as he approaches through a shallow stream towards the camera.
Professor: You lousy scribbler, a homespun psychoanalyst. You're only good for painting walls in public toilets, you blabbermouth.
Writer: No good. Too sluggish. You don't know how to do it.
Professor: All right. I'm going to get a Nobel Prize. and what are you after? Want to bless mankind with the pearls of your purchased inspiration?
Writer: I don't care a damn about mankind. Of all your mankind I'm interested only in one man - myself. Whether I'm worth anything or I'm just shit like others.
Professor: And if you find out that you're really...
Writer: You know, Mr. Einstein, I have no wish to argue with you. Truth is born of argument, damn it! (not sure who says that line)
Writer: Listen, Chingachgook...You've brought here many people.
Stalker: Not as many as I would like. (that is an interesting comment)
Writer: That's not the point. Why did they come here? What did they want?
Stalker: Happiness, I guess.
Writer: Yes, but what kind of happiness?
Stalker: People don't like to speak about their innermost feelings. And it's neither yours nor mine business.
Writer: In any case, you've been lucky. As for me, I haven't seen one happy man in my life.
Stalker: Me neither. They return from the room and I lead them back, and we never see each other again. It's not that wishes come true immediately. (another interesting comment)
Writer: Have you ever wished to use this room yourself?
 Stalker: I'm fine as I am.
During this part we have shifted between black and white and color a few times. After the above comment by Stalker we go back to black and white (I'm sorry, it is actually sepia) and we see the dog again as he walks up to where Stalker is lying down and sits down with him.

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