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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker: Who said That?

The sound of Writer walking up to this building is amazing. Every sound is amplified and slightly distorted. Watch  as Writer slowly approaches the out of focus entrance ahead. Tension builds with each step Writer takes. Then an insect flies near Writer as he looks back and then forward again. The camera lingers for a brief moment and then releases the tension by cutting to a view from inside the building looking out at Writer. A few things have happened here. We went from slow motion back to normal again. (Normal motion?) We went from Writer nearly filling the frame to Writer looking small and insignificant in his surroundings. We, the viewers, are now placed inside this building that everyone is trying to get to. Writer then wipes his forehead with his hand still at a normal frame rate. As soon as Writer starts walking again, the wind picks up and we are back to slow motion again for a brief moment. Then a mysterious clattering is heard! Like something with rattling bones scurrying back into a dark corner. Then a voice: "Stop. Don't move!" Tarkovsky then pulls the camera way back into the room suddenly as we hear a brief chorus of voices. We can see the walls of the entrance from inside and just before the scene cuts away, Tarkovsky  pulls a fast one. For a brief second, what looks like a veil  or spider web drops down from the top right of the screen. It happens so fast you can barely notice it and then the camera cuts away. What is it? Why does he have it there? This is why I love Tarkovsky films! This is why I can't sleep at night. Andrei Tarkovsky's films make you think. His films make you wonder. They make you ask: "Why?

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